Top Women in Security ASEAN Region Awards 2022




About the awards

The Top Women in Security ASEAN Region Awards follow similar initiatives in India, as well as Africa, Europe and Canada and form part of a global campaign by the Women in Security & Resilience Alliance (WISECRA). This initiative is open to all ASEAN countries following a very successful 2021 awards and the Top Women in Security Awards held during 2020 in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

We have gathered unique industry partnership arrangements, bringing together key chapters of premier, global security industry associations and professional women in security groups in Singapore. Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and including the ASEAN Region Women in Security Network.

Nominees must be women with more than three years of experience in the security industry, be that in cybersecurity, electronics, physical, protective and management roles. Self-nominations are welcome.
We thank them for their support.


ASEAN Country
by country


Physical Security

Electronic Security

Security Trainer
or Educator

Security Director
or Management

Security Researcher

Young Professional Ambassador


Past Judges

Phannarith Ou

Jane Lo

Anthony Lim

Zhou Zhihao

Renindya Hiera

Ser Yoong Goh

Carolina Handjaja

Congratulations to our 2021 winners

Dr Fauzia Idrees Abro

Asou Aminnezhad

Seema Bisht

Indrani Chandrasegaran Kermorvant

Dr Magda Lilia Chelly

Kimberly Chow

Maria Elizabeth de Guzman

Shuchen Hu

Raihan Binti Ismail

Priyanka Jayakumar

Diandra Kartika DS

Shakthi Priya Kathirvelu

Sharon Ko

Hong Sin Kwek

Tri Lakmawati

Sylvia Laksmi

Stephanie Liew

Trisha Vanessa Liu-Ventura

LIM Ee Lin

Nan Maquire

Dr. Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh

Neha Malhotra

Vesta Matveeva

Alexandra Mercz

Mel T. Migriño

Melissa Misuraca

LTC Francel Margareth Padilla-Taborlupa

Sreelakshmy Palliyil

Maral Baghban Rezvan

Sharon Sharmini A/P Leo Selvarajah

Jo Stewart-Rattray

Monika Talekar

Dr. Yi (Estelle) Wang

Alina Tan

Shamane Tan

Dr Carrine Teoh

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